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Every week, a lacking Irish topic is picked to be the Irish Collaboration of the Week.
The current ICOTW is awaiting nominations!.

This is the page to deal with discussion and nominations for the Irish Collaboration of the Week. A new ICOTW is put in place every Sunday evening.


To vote or nominate you have to be a registered user. Any and all articles may be nominated except:

  • Articles that are currently at featured status
  • Articles in edit wars

Previous nominations that became ICOTWs can be found at /previous. Those that went on to be featured articles are at /featured. Failed nominations can be found at /removed.

How to nominate[edit]

Here is template for nominations:

===[[ARTICLE]] (1 vote, stays until DATE ONE WEEK LATER)===
:''Nominated DATE, YEAR; needs at least 3 votes by DATE ONE WEEK LATER, YEAR''

; Support:
# (sign with four tildes)

; Comments:
* (put your reason for nomination, sign again)


Copy it and paste it to the bottom of the list of nominations on this page and fill it out. It is important to use UTC time; the current time and date now is 21:09, Tuesday, October 15, 2019 (UTC). Under "comments" section put explanation of what work is needed.

How to vote[edit]

Sign with "# ~~~~" on the end of the list of the article you want to vote for and then update the vote count in the subhead. Opposing votes are not counted; see approval voting. You can vote for as many articles as you like. If the vote count equaled the "needs at least xx votes by", then add 3 to "needs at least xx votes" and add a week to date in vote count and "needs at least xx votes by" notice.

Example. You encounter this situation and decide to vote:

===[[History of the world]] (23 votes, stays until February 7, 2006)===
:''Nominated December 8, 2005; needs at least 24 votes by February 7, 2006''

First you put "# ~~~~" on the end of the list of people who voted for that article and then change the votecount and date in following manner:

===[[History of the world]] (24 votes, stays until February 14, 2006)===
:''Nominated December 8, 2005; needs at least 27 votes by February 14, 2006''

How the article is elected[edit]

Article with most votes on each Sunday in 18:00 GMT is elected as "The current Irish Collaboration of the Week". If two articles have same number of votes, the older nominee wins.

The next project article is to be selected on Sunday February 26, 2006. 18.00 GMT

How an article is removed from the list[edit]

Articles need three votes per week to stay on the list. If current date (October 15, 2019) exceeds "stays until" date of particular article, that article entry is removed from this page and moved to page for removed nominations.


Ireland (1 vote, stays until June 2)[edit]

Nominated May 26, 2006; needs at least 3 votes by June 2, 2006
  1. General Eisenhower • (at war or at peace) () () 20:09, 26 May 2006 (UTC)

Taney Parish (1 vote, stays until 17 August 2007)[edit]

Nominated 10 August; needs at least 3 votes by 17 August 2007