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I emailed the Dean of Students, Peter Englin, and he does not recall making such a quote. Also, I could find no reference to the "controversy" surrounding the curriculum described in the last edit other than might exisit in the mind of the editor. Also, removed the description of the "Cyclones" team name- " The sports teams are nicknamed the "Cyclones" because their football team supposedly plays football like a Cyclone might " is redundant. [[David de Paoli]]

You are a moron. Do the cardinals play sports like a cardinal might?

Oh, that's a sure sign of your intelligence and maturity, dude; Someone edits out, among other things, your campus gossip, ALL CAPS LOCK COMMENTS on some misspelled distortion of a Monty Python line and unsubstantiated quotes and you call *me* a moron. I'm not going to get in an edit war with you- I don't have the time or inclination. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, not a BBS or homepage for your ALL CAPS pseudo- political rants or bitching and moaning about your *suffering* at college. But, I guess the Iowa State entry has indeed become Lir's little "sound- off" hompage- Lir is fierce: hear him roar![[David de Paoli]]

What are you talking about dear stupid dave? The cyclones were named cyclones because somebody thought they played like cyclones-not because cyclones are pretty. I can't help it that you get all bitchy about stuff that you know nothing about.

Glad to see you're back on your anti- psychotic meds, little man. Keep up the good work ;) [[David de Paoli 00:37 Oct 10, 2002 (UTC)]]

Pete Englin can lie if he wants but I have heard him expressly make such statements. Of course he would die any controversy at his school-thats his job to make such denials. You are the one guilty of breach of NPOV.

Really? *I'm* guilty of breaching NPOV when editing your "contributions"? GIve us all an intelligible example, please.[[David de Paoli]]

Of course you are. You are editing out factual statements because they don't agree with your biases.

Erm...yah. Good example, Einstein. [[David de Paoli 00:37 Oct 10, 2002 (UTC)]]

Have such statements been quoted in any newspaper or other publication, even a student newspaper, that can be cited as a source? If so, attributing the quote to the newspaper that quotes Englin would be immensely helpful. Also, it often facilitates discussion on the Talk pages if you sign your name after your posts, just so everyone knows who's talking. Obviously, any kind of nickname will do; ideally it will be one you use to log in, so you can use three tildes (~'s) to sign your name automatically, or four to sign it with a timestamp. Wesley 13:23 Oct 8, 2002 (UTC)

If you browse through the Iowa State newspaper you will find mention of unrest at the campus including riots, hunger strikes, sit-ins, and the like. Mr. Englin is very careful not to make statements to newspapers. I know the man personally and he has been very clear to me that Iowa State is interested in scientific research only. You will probably find mention of that in the newspaper as well, at least mention of people's suspicion that Iowa State is accepting undergraduate students in programs where the budget is slashed in order to provide greater funding for corporate research. Lir 13:39 Oct 8, 2002 (UTC)

That's nice, lir, but the onus is not on the reader to look up newspaper articles. The onus is on *you* as a contributor to substantiate your quotes or leave them out. Merely putting in "allegedly said" in front of a quote is not encyclopedic. [[David de Paoli]]
A link to this newspaper would be useful, at a minimum. Also, there's a difference between "has students [or faculty] with a drug addiction problem" and being known for such a problem. Vicki Rosenzweig

well there /is/ a link on the page to the iastate website.

Well I guess you people have never been to Iowa. Better leave the Iowa section for those that have.