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Martin of Dacia (Martinus Dacus, Martinus de Dacia, Martin de Dacie, Morten Mogensen, 1220-1304) was a Danish scholar, master of arts and theology at the University of Paris around 1250–88. He authored Modi significandi, an influential treatise on grammar. He held a prebendary as canon of the Ribe Cathedral in the Ribe diocese. Later he became Rector of the University of Paris.

In the dispute between Jens Grand, Archbishop of Lund, and King Eric VI Menved Martin arranged a royal rapprochement to Pope Boniface VIII in 1302, resulting in a settlement of the dispute.


The rendering of his name into Medieval Latin as Martinus de Dacia stems from the fact that, during the Middle Ages, the toponym Dania, meaning Denmark, was occasionally confused with Dacia.


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