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<div style="padding: 0.5em; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"> <font style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Greetings,</font><br>
[[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|Welcome]] to Wikipedia! I hope you like the place and decide to [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|stay]]! If you ever need editing help visit [[Wikipedia:How does one edit a page]] or how to format them visit our [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style|manual of style]]. Experiment at [[Wikipedia:Sandbox|The Sandbox]]. If you need pointers on how we title pages visit [[Wikipedia:Naming conventions]]. If you have any other questions about the project then check out [[Wikipedia:Help]] and [[Wikipedia:FAQ]], plus if you can't find your answer there, check [[Wikipedia:Village Pump|The Village pump]] or [[Wikipedia:Reference Desk|The Reference Desk]]. [[Wikipedia:Utilities]] is also very useful.

<h1 style="border-bottom: 2px solid #ccc; padding-bottom: 1px; width: 4ex;">P.S.</h1>
<p style="border: medium dotted black; padding: 0.5em; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 180);"> <strong style="background-color: rgb(255, 204, 51);">One little tip:</strong> Use the ~ (tilde) feature to sign your name to talk pages. If you type <nowiki>~~~</nowiki> (three tilde), it will translate to ''<nowiki>[[User:username|nickname]]</nowiki>'' when you save the page. If you type <nowiki>~~~~</nowiki> (four tilde), it will translate to ''<nowiki>[[User:username|nickname]] Date</nowiki>'' when you save the page.<br><br>
Also, <strong style="background-color: rgb(255, 204, 51);">Don't forget to edit your [[Special:Preferences|User Preferences]] to enhance your experience</strong></p>

Good luck,<br>