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WikiProject Astronomy

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Project Active Members Assess Active
Astronomy 97 Yes Yes
Astronomical objects 23 No Yes
Constellations (TF) 5 No No
Cosmology Yes Yes
Eclipses 4 Yes No
Solar System 30 Yes No
Jupiter (TF) 2 No No
Mars 7 Yes No
Moon 8 Yes No
Spaceflight 79 Yes Yes
Space stations (TF) 1 No No
Timeline of spaceflight (TF) 8 No No
Adopt an astronaut (TF) 2 No Yes

Member counts and activity statuses are correct as of April 3, 2017.

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This project was originally formed to coordinate editors' efforts on creating articles related to astronomical objects. The project's original members worked together to develop a category hierarchy and a series of templates, including information boxes, that could be used to improve the articles' appearance and navigability. This page itself links to a series of subpages that contain information on the templates used to create astronomical articles and web-related resources that may be useful for article creation. The talk page has become a forum to seek advice and build consensus for future article edits. Moreover, the WikiProject is also used as a bulletin board to announce maintenance-related issues, such as article and category renames and deletions.

If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page. The astronomy-related articles on Wikipedia are always in need of improvement; just indicate how you would like to help, and the project's members will direct you to pages that need work. Also, feel free to add your name to the membership list at the bottom of this page.

A number of other WikiProjects have been created to work on other astronomy and space-related issues. A navigation box on the right leads to the related projects. For more information on WikiProjects in general, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.


The Membership List shows all of the Wikipedians who have signed up to participate in this WikiProject. Other people who wish to join may simply add their names to the list. Additionally, they can add the WikiProject Astronomical object userbox to their userpage using {{User ASTRO}}.

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Resource pages[edit]

  • Infoboxes - Most of the articles on individual astronomical objects should have information boxes, or infoboxes. This web page provides information on the various templates used to create the infoboxes.
  • Templates - Aside from the infoboxes, a series of other templates are commonly used to create Wikipedia articles on astronomical objects. This page provides additional information on those templates.
  • External resources - A few key external web pages contain most of the information that is used by the professional astronomical community for their research. These web pages are also invaluable resources for creating Wikipedia pages and for adding references to existing Wikipedia pages.

Discussion/Noticeboard pages[edit]

  • Talk page - The talk page is the main forum for discussion on astronomical object-related topics in Wikipedia. This is a good place to ask questions about the science in articles, to ask for assistance in editing articles, and to receive feedback and build consensus on new proposals (such as renaming articles).
  • Rename/Merge/Delete Log - This is a list of the current debates on requests to rename and delete articles; requests to rename, delete, or merge categories; and other maintenance-related activities.
  • Worklist - This list contains information on some of the most important articles on astronomical objects within Wikipedia as well as ratings for those pages. This list is a good place to see examples of good Wikipedia articles and to find Wikipedia articles that need to be updated.

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Categories are a major part of the infrastructure of Wikipedia. They contain lists of related articles and allow users to find articles that are related to each other. Category:Astronomical objects is the main category related to astronomical objects, although most articles should be listed in subcategories. Beginners should use these categories to organize new or existing articles. Advanced editors are encouraged to maintain and edit the category system itself.

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