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 I am a Japan born in 1958,
 I live in Komatushima-shi.Tokusima,
 I went into the circle at the time of a student,and was enjyoing the game of Go for four years, 
 But, it was not blessed with a waging-war partner afte becoming a member of society,
 Conseqrently, with thegame of Go, it is the left life,
 Houever, I purchased the personal computer recently, I can gave struck the game of Go now with 
 the unknown partner at any time since then,
 Therefore, as it returned to its school days for the first time in about 20 years, the game of Go is 
 struck, and when free, it is the life of absorbed in the game of Go,
 i want to enjyoi the game of Go as a lifelong hobby from now on.
 Thak you for your considaratin,