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Radio 4
OriginBrooklyn, New York, United States
Years active1999–2012
Associated actsGarden Variety
MembersAnthony Roman
Greg Collins
P.J. O'Connor
Dave Milone
Past membersGerard Garone
Anthony Rizzo
Tommy Williams

Radio 4 were an American dance-punk band based in Brooklyn, New York. Formed in 1999, they claimed their music is "made in New York, is about New York, and sounds like New York".


Early years[edit]

The band was formed in 1999 as a trio, comprising Anthony Roman (vocals/bass), Tommy Williams (guitar/vocals) and Greg Collins (drums). The three had been friends growing up in Long Island, where they had been involved in the hardcore scene,[1] appearing in bands such as Garden Variety (Roman) and Sleepasaurus.[2] They initially formed the band under the influence of late 1970s/early 1980s punk and post-punk, recording a three-track EP which was released on New Jersey's Gern Blandsten label.[3]

Their first album The New Song & Dance was released in 2000, produced by Tim O'Heir. This record was a low-budget, gritty rock album with a slightly retro sound, drawing comparisons to The Clash in particular.[2] Around this time Anthony Roman opened a record store in Brooklyn which became a focus for the emerging scene, and the first album was followed by the Dance to the Underground EP, also produced by O'Heir. A dance remix of the title track became a club hit and was used in a Mitsubishi advert, indicating a new direction for the band's sound.[1]

Gotham! and mainstream success[edit]

The band subsequently became a five-piece, comprising Roman, Collins, David Milone (Vocals/Guitar) (who replaced original guitarist/singer Tommy Williams in 2005), Gerard Garone (Keyboards), and P.J. O'Connor (Percussion),[1] and teamed up with James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy's DFA Productions to produce their second album. This collaboration signalled a new direction for the band, merging the guitar punk of their first album with electronic and dance music influences to create a dance-punk sound similar to other DFA-affiliated artists such as The Rapture.[3] Gotham! was released in 2002 on Gern Blandsten, described as "half dance party, half political rally",[4] leading the band to mainstream recognition and international success.[1][3]

The band recorded their third album, Stealing of a Nation, in a basement studio in Brooklyn with Max Heyes, and it was released in September 2004,[3] to a poor critical reception.[5] A fourth album entitled Enemies Like This followed in 2006.[5]

Gerard Garone left the band in April 2008. They last appeared together as a full band at the CBGB Festival in New York in 2012. Roman and Milone still occasionally perform together as Orange Cassettes along with former members of Elefant.[6]


They cite a variety of influences, including Gang of Four,[1] Mission of Burma, Primal Scream and Zero Zero, though their lively punk sound combined with their militant political stance has drawn a strong comparison with The Clash.[1]

Their name comes from a Public Image Ltd. song from that group's second album, which is itself a reference to BBC Radio 4.[1]


Studio albums[edit]



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