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Please don't mass insert links to articles on WP, that's called spamming. The website you links to has half a dozen or more ads on each page and illegally images of poker players that it doesn't have the rights to use. CryptoDerk 16:02, Dec 28, 2004 (UTC)

We are very sorry, that our links caused such problems. It wasn't spam, all our links were pointing to high-relevant topics. We are investingating each poker player very carefully personally and I can tell you for sure - today we have the most full and exact info about each WSOP winner. We are creating this site already for a half of a year and I didn't see any other site, where information would be so full.

About banners - if this is problem, you should remove all the links. For example Greg Raymer's page has following links: 2 468x60 banners, 3 120x60 banners 1 flash banner, 1 flowing up flash banner, 3 big text ads 1 468x60, 3 120x60 banners

Everybody in our time has banners on site, we are not an exception. But we have no annoying floating banners and amount of banners on our site is not so huge, as you are telling.

Still, we have plenty of very usefull information, so I thought it will be logical to put such link. I'm very sorry, if we did it in some rude way, it's my staff members were happy to place links to their favorite site. I can promise you, they will not do it again. And we really would like to take part in building good informational resource.