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Noam (Hebrew: נועם‎) is a Hebrew name which means "pleasantness", and while started as the male version of the female No'omi (English: "Naomi" or "Noemi"), today, it is a very common Hebrew name for both males and females alike. The common name day for both genders is often 7th December.

People with the given name Noam[edit]

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People with the surname Noam[edit]

  • Eli Noam, professor at Columbia University.

Political organizations[edit]

  • Noam Masorti Youth, part of Masorti Olami, is a Jewish youth movement that has an ideology that reflects the values of its participants. Every year, it has its summer camp for kids aged 10-15, and madrichim who look after the children and plan all the Noam-based activities.
  • Noam (political party), an Israeli political party.

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