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Yannick Vaugrenard (2011)

Yannick Vaugrenard (born 25 June 1950 in Trignac, Loire-Atlantique) is a French politician and Member of the European Parliament for the west of France. He is a member of the Socialist Party, which is part of the Party of European Socialists, and sits on the European Parliament's Committee on Budgets.

He is also a substitute for the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, a member of the delegation to the EURomania Joint Parliamentary Committee, and a substitute for the delegation to the EU–Bulgaria Joint Parliamentary Committee.


  • Baccalaureate
  • Worked at the Banque nationale de Paris (1972–1989)
  • Special adviser to the Deputy Mayor of Nantes (1989–2004)
  • First federal secretary, Loire-Atlantique Socialist Party (1990–2001)
  • Deputy mayor of Trignac (1977–1989)
  • Deputy mayor of Saint-Nazaire (1995–2001)
  • Member of the Loire-Atlantique Departmental Council (1982–1994)
  • Member of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council (1986–2004)
  • First Vice-Chairman of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council (since 2004)

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