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Fawaz Abdullah Zureikat or Zuraiqat or Zurayqat and other variations (born 1955 – died 2010) was a Jordanian businessman.

Zureikat was implicated in the United Nations Oil for Food scandal relating to corruption surrounding Iraq's oil exports. In the 2004 Duelfer Report[1] Zureikat is identified as receiving oil allocations from Iraq via Middle East Semi Conductors Co. In other documents, another company – Aredio Petroleum – is also linked to Zureikat. He had been doing business in Iraq since 1986, and his brother Hatem has been a political prisoner in Syria since 1981 who once shared a cell with Tariq Aziz.

For a time he was station manager of Arab Television (ATV), a short-lived English-language satellite channel with offices in London and Baghdad which filmed and distributed the worldwide rights to the pre-Iraq War interview conducted in Baghdad between Tony Benn and Saddam Hussein.[2]

He was also a member of the National Mobilization Committee for the Defense of Iraq (NMCDI), based in Jordan, and a passionate opponent of sanctions on Iraq. He was arrested on 3 March 2003 in Amman by The Jordanian intelligence services, along with other prominent businessmen who had financial links with Saddam Hussein's regime. He was later released.[citation needed]


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