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Jude Watson JR
Pen nameJude Watson
Notable worksWhat I Saw and How I Lied
Notable awardsNational Book Award for Young People's Literature

Judy Blundell, pseudonym Jude Watson, is an American author of books for middle grade, young adult, and adult readers.[1] She won the annual National Book Award for Young People's Literature in 2008 for the young adult novel What I Saw and How I Lied, published under her real name by Scholastic Books.[2][3]


Blundell is better known as Jude Watson, an author of books set in the Star Wars universe. Her publisher, Scholastic, calls her "the most celebrated author in the prequel-era of the Star Wars phenomenon"[1] (that is, Star Wars fiction set in the time frame of the three prequel movies).

Writing for the Star Wars franchise, she works with editors from LucasBooks as well as Scholastic. Her debut came when LucasBooks recruited her to write the Star Wars Journal Captive to Evil by Princess Leia Organa, published by Scholastic in 1998.[1]

Beside the journals of Princess Leia, Queen Amidala (1999), and Darth Maul (1999), Watson is the author of three series that comprise about forty books: Jedi Apprentice (except for the first book), Jedi Quest, and The Last of the Jedi. She is also a co-author with K. D. Burkett in the Star Wars: Science Adventures series. Scholastic says that the primary audience is children age 9 to 14.[1]

Her other books include the romance series Brides of Wildcat County, the parapsychic science fictions Premonitions and Disappearance, and three books in the 39 Clues mystery-adventure series, all written for young adults. In 2018 she published the book A Warp in Time.


Blundell lives in a small village called Stony Brook, on Long Island,[4] with her daughter and husband.[1] Her husband, Neil Watson, is the Executive Director of the Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages.

Non-Star Wars Bibliography[edit]

Brides of Wildcat County[edit]

  • Dangerous: Savannah's Story (1995)
  • Scandalous: Eden's Story (1995)
  • Audacious: Ivy's Story (1995)
  • Impetuous: Mattie's Story (1996)
  • Tempestuous: Opal's Story (1996)

The Sight[edit]

The 39 Clues[edit]

The Clue Hunt[edit]

Cahills vs. Vespers[edit]




Star Wars Bibliography[edit]

About the franchise see Star Wars and List of Star Wars books

Star Wars Journals[edit]

Star Wars:Science Adventures[edit]

  • Emergency in Escape Pod Four, by Jude Watson and K. D. Burkett (1999)
  • Journey across Planet X, by Watson and Burkett (1999)

Short stories[edit]

  • Storm Fleet Warnings (2003)
  • Ghosts of the Sith (2006)
  • The Last One Standing (2006)


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