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Van de Velde, Vande Velde, or Vandevelde is a Dutch toponymic surname meaning "from the field". Van de Velde is the 32nd most common name in Belgium, with 8,903 people in 2008,[1] while in 2007 there were 3,319 people named "Van de Velde" in The Netherlands.[2] Among other variations on this name are Van der Velde, Vandevelde, Van Velde, Van de Velden, and Van der Velden.



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  1. ^ Most common surnames in Belgium. However, provides much larger numbers with 10,795 people named "Van de Velde" , 4,732 named "Vandevelde" and 1,309 "Vande Velde"
  2. ^ Velde, van de / den / der at the Dutch Family Name Database. "Vande Velde" and "Vandevelde" are rare in the Netherlands.