List of mayors of Grand Forks, North Dakota

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The following is a list of the Mayors of Grand Forks, North Dakota.[1]


Term Mayor
1881–1882 Col. W.H. Brown
1882–1884 M.L. McCormack
1885 J.S. Eshelman
1886–1887 D.M. Holmes
1888–1889 Alexander Griggs
1889–1893 H.L. Whithed
1894–1896 W.J. Anderson
1896–1904 John Dinnie
1904–1908 George Duis
1908–1910 Dr. John Taylor
1910–1914 M.F. Murray
1914–1918 James A. Dinnie
1918–1920 Dr. Henry Wheeler
1920 Grand Forks converts to City Commission style of government
1920–1926 Henry O'Keefe Jr. (President of City Commissioners)
1926–1934 John Hulteng (President of City Commissioners)
1934–1940 E.A. Fladland (President of City Commissioners)
1940–1944 T.H.H. Thoreson
1944 Return of Mayor/Alderman System
1944–1952 Harold Boe
1952–1960 Oscar Lunseth
1960–1964 Nelson Youngs
1964–1972 Hugo Magnuson
1972–1980 C.P. O'Neill
1980–1988 H.C. Bud Wessman
1988–1996 Michael Polovitz
1996–2000 Patricia Owens
2000–2020 Dr. Michael R. Brown
2020–present Brandon Bochenski


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