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Xanthus (/ˈzænθəs/; Ancient Greek: Ξάνθος, Xanthos, "yellow, blond") or Xanthos may refer to:

In Greek mythology[edit]



  • Xanthus (city) or Xanthos, city in ancient Lycia, the site of present-day Kınık, Antalya Province, Turkey
  • Xanthus (river) or Xanthos, river in ancient Lycia on which the city Xanthus was situated
  • Xanthus (Lesbos) or Xanthos, a town of ancient Lesbos, Greece
  • Xanthus Spur on the Trojan Range, mountain range in the Palmer Archipelago of the British Antarctic Territory

The arts[edit]



  • Xanthus, the Latin form of Xanthos, an ancient Lycian city
  • 4544 Xanthus (1989 FB) is an Apollo NEO discovered on March 31, 1989 by Henry Holt and Norman G. Thomas at Palomar Observatory
  • Xanthus class repair ship, class of five auxiliary ships built for the United States Navy and Royal Navy
  • USS Xanthus (AR-19), a Xanthus-class repair ship acquired by the United States Navy for the task of providing repairs to the fleet
  • Xanthus stele or Xanthian Obelisk, a stele bearing an inscription currently believed to be trilingual, in the ancient Lycian city of Xanthos

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