Charles Pelham, 8th Earl of Yarborough

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Abdul Mateen Pelham, 8th Earl of Yarborough (born Charles Pelham on 5 November 1963), styled Lord Worsley between 1963 and 1966, is a British peer and landowner. He is now known as Abdul Mateen.[1]

Background and career[edit]

Yarborough is the son of John Pelham, 7th Earl of Yarborough (1920–1991) and Florence Anne Petronel Upton (1924–2013).[2] He was educated at Eton College.

He succeeded his father to the title, his large art collection and the bulk of his 27,000-acre (110 km2) farmland mainly in Lincolnshire (equivalent to 1.58% of that county) that includes Brocklesby Park and is thus is estimated to be worth £70 million.[3]

He was appointed High Sheriff of Lincolnshire for 2014–15. [4]

Marriage and family[edit]

Lord Yarborough married Anna-Karin Zecevic, daughter of George Zecevic, in 1990. They have five children:

  • George John Sackville Pelham, Lord Worsley (born 9 August 1990)
  • Hon. William Charles John Walter Pelham (born 1991)
  • Hon. James Marcus Pelham (born 1994)
  • Lady Margaret Ann Emily Pelham (born January 1997)
  • Hon. Edward John Herbert Pelham (born 2002)

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